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Red Wing Shoes

We're delighted by our recent delivery of Red Wing Shoes. The boots are really on trend for boys this season and the quality is second to none. In fact, Red Wing are so proud of their manufacturing that they've released a collection of videos showing the production process. Enjoy. iframe> The Puritan Stitch Machine Red Wing Shoes still uses Puritan stitch machines which have been in service for over 80 years, due to the unparalleled quality they produce. The Puritan sewing machine has been referred to as a 'work horse' within the Red Wing Shoe Company. The Puritan creates Red Wing' iconic triple stitch detail which contributes to the durability and strength of their boots. Listen to those who work with these machines as they explain how they work, and why they keep using them. Product Testing The Red Wing product testing team plays a huge part in maintaining the quality of Red Wing Shoes. They test everything to make certain that what the company produces and sells is of the highest grade and quality. From strength, to waterproofing, to impact and slip tests, Red Wing put their products through enough tests so that they can be sure their shoes will pass your own.
October 03, 2011 by 3
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