Q&A with Donna Ida Thornton, CEO of Donna IDA and designer of IDA

We love a great pair of jeans, so we interviewed the Jean Queen herself Donna Ida Thornton. Who lets us into her secrets on her inspiration and favourite pieces. 11ss

Describe your typical working day?

I get up at 5am and 7am at my desk or at the gym at 7am. I like to clear my desk and get on top of emails before everyone comes in and the day starts. Every day is different for me, on a weekly basis we have a long trading meeting on a Monday morning from around 10am- once all the sales reports from the week before have been pulled.  

What's the favourite part of your job?

Buying, selling and creating!  

What's your proudest IDA moment to date?

When the collection first arrived and went up on line, every sale was for IDA.  

Which pieces from IDA SS15 collection have made their way into your wardrobe?

A few! The Downton Dazzler in Milkshake and Urban Cashmere are fanatic and I live in them. I also have Kitty which I had cropped with a frayed hem.  

What are you most excited about for the IDA AW15 collection?

The Downtown Dazzler in Disco Noir and the Adelaide flare in Grease. I always love the fashion pieces!  

Who or what couldn't you work without?

My iphone! it is everything. Also Claire Venter who I have worked with for 5 years she is amazing to work with and I love every day with her.  

And finally, what is team IDA's guilty pleasure?

The peanut butter cups from The Good Life on Sloane Avenue. Too good!! Though don't have too many if you want to fit into Rizzo!                  

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