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Rabens7 We love Scandinavian style – effortlessly cool and understated. So when we came across the beautiful collection on offer from Swedish-based Rabens Saloner, we were smitten. This is where wearability meets striking design, where quality meets craftsmanship. Founding designer Birgitte Raben Olrik has created an aesthetic that intelligently blends Scandinavian chic with traditional Asian craftsmanship, resulting in rich, vibrant pieces full of colour and creativity. Bold tie-dye techniques and modern boho design feature throughout the collection, where an emphasis on fluidity and simplicity is apparent. An earthy palette makes the collection wearable, while flashes of pink and turquoise nod to the seasonal trend for all things bright. The key to this look is letting the clothes do the talking. This style is fuss free and relies on shape, texture and colour to deliver effortless combinations. Claiming to be a state of mind as much as an item of clothing, Saloner is creative, cool and able to tell a story. If you like your clothes refined and elegant with a dash of romance, this is the collection for you. Rabens6 Rabens9 Rabens8   Rabens5 Rabens4 Rabens3 Rabens1 Rabens2

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