Donna IDA training

On Friday we had a very special visitor! The beautiful Donna IDA did a round trip hitting Taunton, Clifton and Bath all in one day. What a day! We caught up on the denim world and chatted about the new arrivals ,what we have in stock for summer and boy do we have some great jeans for you! A few of our favourites are Ivy Golden Dream and Downton Dazzler in Urban Cashmere. Donna also brought with her samples of the new collection for AW15 and all the girls in the shop love them.  Don't worry we picked well! IDA is designed by Donna in collaboration with Amy Roberton, who manages all design and production for IDA.  Amy in the past has worked with major denim brands and she has had an amazing career in developing jeans.  Since the birth of IDA they have worked together closely on the direction and the development of the collection. The production line starts in Istanbul and finishes in London, with Donna and Amy keeping a close eye on all stages of the process. If you don't know the style for you we have it covered with IDA. It was pleasure to have Donna with us for the day!   Donna IDA

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