How To Break In Your Edwin Jeans

There's no right or wrong way to break-in a pair of Edwin jeans, it's all up to personal preference or experimentation. 

  1. Start with a pair of raw Edwin Jeans. Edwin suggest's a heavy, raw denim of 13oz or more as this will give you the best abrasions, contrasts and ultimately, character over time.
  2. Wear your jeans everyday for at least 6 months... anything up to a year and they will continue to acquire the history and character you imbue them with... any more than that, you may start to notice terminal disintegration of certain areas. 
  3. If you need to remove any stains, dab with a damp cloth... remember, no detergent.
  4. To freshen up your jeans at any point, hang them outside for as long as is necessary, but don't leave them out in the rain as the indigo dye will bleed out.
  5. When, at last you finally have to wash your well worn jeans, Edwin suggest turning them inside-out and running a 40 degrees celsius cycle without detergent. When they're done and whilst still damp, stretch the inseam back to it's normal length and line dry, never tumble. 
  6. Finally, wear your jeans another 3 months than wash at 30 degrees celsius with your regular non-bio detergent as this will help prevent fading. Now you can wear and wash your jeans as needed. 

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