Norse Projects x Donald Judd

'Actual space is intrinsically more powerful and specific than paint on a flat surface', wrote Donald Judd in 1965 in Specific Objects.

Like no one else, Donald Judd understood the significance of space. Rejecting established terms for describing his work, Judd presented three-dimensional artworks that were placed directly on the floor or wall. 

He was fascinated by shape, scale, proportion and materiality, and achieved a body of work that has become synonymous with the Minimalist movement.

Focused on paired-down design principles, Minimalism was a movement born out of a reaction to the over-embellished abstract expressionism that preceded it. 

This season Norse Projects drew inspiration from Judd's practice. Creating a collection that explores minimalism and space, the Niels Stripe Logo Tee and Rugby Stripe Tee point up Judd's sculptures, paying homage this understanding of space.


Norse Projects 

James Rugby Stripe Tee



Norse Projects 

Niels Stripe Logo Tee



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