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The Arrival of Our New Brand Terrible Twins

Maze welcomes the pure craftsmanship and natural simplicity of the lifestyle brand, Terrible Twins. The sisters earned this charming nickname during their time selling their clothing line in eighties London. The duo’s typical eighties style of legwarmers, pink lipstick and blue eye shadow was to blame for the endearing title that felt apt for their new venture on their return to Insjon, Sweden.




Leaving their legwarmers behind, Sara and Karin Strom have created a beautiful selection of scented candles, soaps and bath salts. All products are made to the highest quality choosing only the best ingredients – a trait that resonates well with us here at Maze. Packaged in a recycled glass jar that welcomes natural coloured paper with a simple yet bold font, the spa series captures an elegant, Scandinavian feel.




Their honest, handcrafted, minimalist vision fits seamlessly into our lifestyle brands due to their combination of soft, sweet scents with a focus on moisturising and nourishing healthy skin; the perfect balance offering only the highest quality. Enjoy the nourishing soap No.2 in Sea Buckthorn & Birch, the soothing Lavender Candle and the invigorating Bath Salt No.3 in Pomegranate for a guaranteed relaxing, calming experience. 


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March 29, 2017 by Amy Bebbington
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