The Seated Queen

When it comes to skincare, we’re not too keen on strict rules. Quick and easy is the order of the day, which is why the compact range from The Seated Queen holds such appeal.

Lauded as smart skincare for busy people, The Seated Queen offers a handful of high-performance products that are formulated using only the best, sustainably produced ingredients. The brand's formulations are gloriously versatile, soothing and supercharged with nourishing organic cold-pressed seed oils that replenish, smooth and plump skin cells while you sleep.

Created by sisters Josephine and Libby Banks in nearby rural Wiltshire, The Seated Queen addresses the mismatch between complex evening skincare routines and the realistic amount of time we’re all able to devote to our own routines. A royal round of applause for that.

 Starting off with a single product, the sisters launched The Seated Queen in 2020 with their award-winning Cold Cream. Far from the heavy, oily cold creams of your grandma’s day, this is created using sustainably sourced, minimally processed and organic ingredients to create a gentle evening cleanser that also functions as a makeup remover, facial or overnight mask. Ingredients include organic rosehip, borage and sunflower seed; safflower, argan and apricot kernel oils; patchouli leaf, lavender, frankincense, rose otto, clary sage, bergamot and camomile. If that wasn’t enough, it also smells divine and looks monochromatically stylish on the shelf. There’s also a cotton jersey headband included to help you complete your evening routine.

Following on from the initial success of their cold cream, the sisters have just launched three new vegan skincare products for the face, each created to be high performing, easy-to-use, sustainable and joyous.

First up, Cassiopeia’s Serum Concentrate, a soothing lightweight formula designed to smooth, plump and restore your skin’s suppleness. Infused with niacinamide, this potent elixir holds gentle and anti-inflammatory properties that boosts your skin’s lipid barrier function and strengthens it at the surface. Blended with hyaluronic acid in a combination of molecular weights, plus calming cucumber and age-defying bakuchiol seed, it makes for an ultra-nourishing solution that helps heal, calm and soothe sensitive skin. 

Next comes the Restoring Face Oil, which is infused with a blend of organic cold-pressed oils including grapeseed, bakuchiol and hempseed. This waterless, lightweight facial oil enables your skin to retain moisture while regulating oil and collagen production. A true multi-tasker, it’s antioxidant-rich powers work to reverse free radical damage, while acting as an anti-inflammatory for stressed-out, sensitive skin. Free from synthetics fragrance, sulphates and parabens, this nourishing elixir will unveil a beautifully balanced and comforted complexion.

Rounding off the range is a Vanity Cream infused with inulin extracted from the agave plant. This restorative moisturiser helps promote the growth of good microorganisms, strengthening its natural barrier function. Blended with a soothing, antioxidant-rich complex of organic cold-pressed oils, plus salicylic acid to smooth away dry, dead skin cells, this non-pore-clogging, whipped formula will help heal and protect dull, dehydrated and compromised skin.Rooted in a realistic approach to beauty, the casual skincare regimen offered by these products is all about comfort and ease. Much like the Maze approach to fashion, which we believe should be pared back and uncomplicated, The Seated Queen nails no-fuss beauty with products that you can use on everything, in multiple ways. Even the packaging deserves a mention – fully recyclable and, where possible, created from recycled materials. Join the beauty revolution. Long live The Seated Queen!

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