A Cabinet of Curiosities

In the journal this week resident writer Jenny Garcia introduces beautiful Boncoeurs, unique handcrafted amulets and painterly trays, inspired by Mexican milagros and the signs of the zodiac.

Written by Jenny Garcia.


Wunderkammer, known commonly in English as ‘a cabinet of curiosities’ were developed in 16th and 17th century Europe. Private, personal collections of items that were curious, specifically to the collector. Mostly the reserve of the elite who would share their curiosities with distinguished dinner guests.

Fast forward 400-500 years, and times have not changed a great deal when it comes the collection of curiosities, trinkets, antiques and objets to adorn our homes, both for our own pleasure, and or that of our ‘distinguished’ guests!

What has changed however, is the exclusivity factor. No longer the reserve of societies elite, but a widely accessible and ubiqitously enjoyed practice.

Boncoeurs Images DecorationsThis year, Maze have introduced a new imaginative and whimsical brand to their homeware store at 18 The Mall, Boncoeurs.

Located in the heart of Clifton Village, Maze Home is in itself, awunderkammer. A destination for appreciators of curiosities. Distinctively, artfully and beautifully curated with a feast of considered objet trouvé.

Boncoeurs Tray

Boncoeurs was founded by two sisters who have created unique decorative objects to seduce our eyes and souls, inspired by religious art, childhood reminders, the mystical and magical. The result, a collection of intriguing, enticing charms to enjoy now and forever. 

Boncoeurs Heart Decoration

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