For Her, and For Him

This week in the journal resident writer Jenny Garcia explores the distinction between men and women's fashion across the brands we stock for both her, and for him.

Written by Jenny Garcia.

Photography by Tayla Nebesky for Maze.

Twinning with your beau? Whether you’re into it or not, the lines between men and women’s fashions are blurring in a more overt way than ever before as someone that’s always enjoyed and partaking in the fashion concept of ‘borrow from the boys’, I’m totally here for it.

The amount of times I’ve seen things are in a men’s department and thought oh that’s so good. I wish they had that in women’s sizes too. In fact it happened to me on Friday! Vice versa, too. My husband was silently coveting, my barrel leg trousers for sometime before he finally asked, ‘where can I get some of those?’ to which of course, I responded Maze!

Perhaps it’s partly to do with society’s attitudes to dress codes becoming more relaxed, or that men are getting more experimental with their style choices, that women don’t want to be pigeonholed into a world of pretty dresses, or perhaps it’s just a classic case of, if it’s good enough for the goose, then why not the gander.

We decided to get a little playful on the AW23 shoot by bringing together the brands we stock across both men’s and women’s, to show you how they can be worn with some subtle synergy, outright twinning, or just a happens to be the same brand with the same vibe, kind of look.

You can be in team ‘matchy matchy’ or team ‘I just like what they do’, it really doesn’t matter, and we certainly won’t judge. This is about brands who do things well, who get it right, for the boys and the girls, the women and the men, for her and for him.


HOWLIN'His & Hers Howlin' KnitwearDani wears the Howlin' Forevernevermore Sweater in Galaxy, Grease Wool Trouser from YMC and the Selected Femme Camille Loafer. James wears the Birth of Cool Sweater from Howlin, Folk Lean Assembly Pants in Charcoal Moleskin and Novestas.


FOLKHis & Hers Folk Baby Cord

HIs & Hers Folk Baby Cord

Dani wears the Folk Loom Dress, Short Scarf in green from Universal Works and the Selected Femme Camille Loafer. James wears the Baby Cord Shirt in Pomegranate, Assembly Pants in Navy Moleskin from Folk and the Marathon Trail Trainers from Novesta.


RAINSHis & Hers Rains Coats

HIs & Hers Rains JacketsDani wears the Rains Liner Bomber, Sessun Bay Cruise Jeans and the Blundstone Lug Boots. James wears the Rains Alta Puffer Parka, Ordinary Fits Jeans and Red Wing 8881 Mohave Boots in Olive


YMCHis & Hers YMC Look

His & Hers YMC Look

Dani wears the Jets Crew Marl and the Market Trousers from YMC with the Blundstone Chelsea Boot. James wears the Curtis Shirt and Bez Jeans in Ecru Cord from YMC and the Red Wing 8881 Mohave Boots in Olive  






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