For The Love Of Denim

Are you a lover or a loather?

Our resident stylist and writer Jenny Garcia explores why it is such a big feature of Mazeʼs SS24 collection and shares a little more about the history of the global phenomenon that is denim.

Written by Jenny Garcia.

Photographs by Tayla Nebesky.

For The Love Of Denim Rail

The cotton twill fabric, now commonly known as denim, dates back over 400 years originating in Nîmes, France. It was later commercialised in the 1800ʼs by Leviʼs Strauss and Jacob Davis who created strong workwear designs using denim and rivets for farmers and factory workers.

It hit commercial boom point in the 1930ʼs, where its appeal grew and spread, becoming the outfit of choice among societies risk takers, heart throbs and trend setters. Since then our love affair with this sturdy, incredibly versatile fabric has rarely waned.

In fact it has filtered through every level of society, commanding eye watering price tags at one end of the scale, whilst simultaneously achieving cult status for being classless, genderless, timeless and ageless. Not bad for something that originated as humble workwear.

Innovations in fabric developments, dye processes, technology, organic cotton and waterless washing have all vastly improved the production and sustainability of much of todayʼs denim.

Jenny is wearing YMC Grease Trousers in Indigo and the Bobo Choses Butterfly Blouse.
Across the decades, weʼve seen silhouettes, washes, treatments and colours, rise and fall in popularity. Wrangler flares were the ‘look du jourʼ of the 70ʼs, acid wash Mom jeans the 80ʼs, the hipster wide leg the 90ʼs and we all remember the ubiquitous skinny legs of the 00ʼs. Today in 2024, as trends slow and fashion enters a democratising era, there are no defining die hard shapes, everything is on the fashion table. Thankfully todays silhouettes are distillations of bygone eraʼs, with softer more subtle flares, relaxed balloon legs and fluid wides.
Jenny is wearing the Selected Femme Bella Jumpsuit and holding the Sessun Seakey Jeans in Rince.
The SS24 Maze edit is reflective of this all encompassing inclusive attitude to one of the worlds most loved and worn materials.

Expect to find every strain of this wonder fabric, from classic rinse wash to indigo, and ticking stripe to ecru. Styles vary from high waisted to low slung, barrel legs to flares, shorts, dresses and jumpsuits, jackets and even bags.
Jenny is wearing the Bellerose Dark Trousers with the Indi & Cold Fine Knit Top and Cat is wearing the Denim Shorts and Knitted Tank from Indi & Cold.

Throughout the season Maze will be sharing an edit of hand selected pieces, styled and curated to highlight the various fits, washes and shapes, with some wearable options and inspiration on how to make seasonal adjustments, wearing top to toe, or trying out a new to you wash.
Jenny is wearing the Bellerose Dark Trousers and the Sessun Leone Overshirt.

If denim simply isnʼt your thing, or hasnʼt been up to now, there are of course plenty of beautiful non-denim pieces in the collection, but we gently urge you to step out of your comfort zone, try something new, after all weʼd hate for you to miss out on fashions most durable, versatile fabrics that adds that little bit cool nonchalance to every look.

We hope you find the videos and content useful, and donʼt forget the team are always on hand in store for any additional advice, tips and help if needed.

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