How to Gift a Scent

An emotive and potentially suggestive (in more ways than one!) gift, that requires a little more pondering perhaps than the average festive offering. A modicum of research goes a long way, and could take several forms:

Written by Jenny Garcia.


A subtle line of questioning of the intended recipient, often a dead giveaway at this time of year though;
You could don a deerstalker, pipe and cape to give their homes the full Sherlock experience, gathering vital odorous clues to aid and inform your decision, a slightly more time consuming and less subtle option;

Miller Harris

Choose your own favourite, which has the potential for success but maybe not the most altruistic of choices;

Try matching the fragrance to the recipients personality. Scent can be broken down into a coterie of aromas, such as fresh & citrusy, woody & intense, floral & sweet, these smells tend to partner well with relevant characteristics: artistic, lively and uncomplicated; deep, mysterious and complex, colourful, bright and happy.

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If all that feels a little too heavy, like an over enthusiastic teen in the first throws of love, scented to the back notes, high notes and top notes with the entire contents of his dads bathroom cabinet, then go for the well trodden path by simply electing for the most popular choice, after all it is such for a reason.

Miller Harris

None of it of course is an exact science, and like most things in life when it comes down to it, your instinct is often what serves you best in any decision making process.


The good news is that you will not be short of ways to gift scent this year. The Maze apothecary is brimming with bouquets of scented candles, soaps, balms, hand creams, essential oils, body washes, mists, cedar balls and even scented matches. Something to suit every aesthetic, budget, and personality type. If however after all this, you’re still unsure, the Maze team are all equipped with pretty good noses for this stuff, so pop in and ask the team for help, drop them a line, or if still in doubt, we have a pretty strong offering of socks!

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