Jenny's Christmas Wishlist

Looking for inspiration to help you find the perfect gift this Christmas? Stylist and writer Jenny Garcia shares her wish-list for the gifting season.

Written by Jenny Garcia

I must say I do love a Christmas gift guide. There’s always such a bounty of enticingly wonderful things to buy for all the loved ones in your life. But filtering through it in the shops or online fills me with panic, and the fear I’ll get it very wrong, miss something really quite fabulous, or blow my whole budget on a frivolous festive frippery for the cat, leaving everyone else with a pair of gaudy novelty socks and a satsuma.

This year I’m swerving that Christmas calamity by adopting a very simple strategy called the one stop Shop!

Meaningful, elevated, sustainable and most definitely wanted gifts, all from under one roof. Well ok maybe not one, as there’s 2 stores in Clifton, one in Bath and online of course, but lets not split hairs.

Here’s my Maze gift list picks for my loved and tolerated one’s, well we all have them don’t we, you know the one’s who make you reach for the sherry at 9.05am after they’ve repeatedly told you they wouldn’t do it like that, from the comfort of their armchair. Oh the Festive Joys!

The husband - Practical, likes nice things, grew up by the sea

Gifts for the Husband


The kids - Decorative, arty, busy and cosy, pizza lover

For the Kids

Afro Art Elephant Stocking in Grey
John Derian Planet Jigsaw Puzzle
Liewood Silas Socks 2 Pack in Panda & Stripe
Sleepy Doe Kids Classic PJ Set in Pear
Ekaterina Galera Small Balloon Light in Blush Pink
T-Lab Wooden Gorilla
Nkuku Mango Wood Pizza Board in Large

Mother - an avid gardener

For the Mother

Hardie Grant Grow & Gather
Niwaki Right Handed GR Pro Secateurs

Brother - the man who has everything but loves to cook

For the Brother

John Derian Simple Leaves Matches
Ocelot White Almond
La Cerise Sur Le Gateau Apron in Marcel Lichen


Sister in law - as above

The Seat Queen Cold Cleanser

The Seated Queen Cold Cream Cleanser

Auntie - sustainable, veggie, note writer

John Derian In the Garden Notebook Set

John Derian In the Garden Notebook Set

Nephew - eek 21 years olds?

Universal Works Short Watch Cap in Bran Kilcarra

The Cat - ungrateful creatures, they can have some Turkey, or maybe it’s a bit early for bah humbug

Piccolo Catnip Nepeta Seeds

Me - If I were shopping for me

Jenny's wishlist

Rachel Dein Japanese Anemone Concrete Tile
Bellerose Laos Classic Parka in Off Black
Afro Art Circus Teddy in Yellow - never too old right?
The Gardens of Arne Maynard Limited Edition Book

Yes I did include a little wish list of my own, just in case you know who is a Maze journal subscriber.

We hope the Maze gift guide, and my own family pressie list helps inspire you to commence your seasonal shopping with glee rather than panic and fear. Why not grab a brew, sit yourself comfortably and get some beautiful gifts ticked off that list.

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