Spread the Love

Whether you're surprising your other half with a thoughtful keepsake, treating yourself or sending your friends a cupid-approved card, spread the love this Valentine's Day.

Written by Jenny Garcia

It’s approaching that time of year again. You know that marmite day that has some of us scouring card shops for the ultimate one liner, which some how manages to sum up the feelings oozing from our full to bursting hearts, whilst simultaneously pleading with their sweethearts favourite restaurant to squeeze them in on Monday the 14th February, and yes they do realise it’s valentines day , and yes they’re terribly sorry they didn’t book 6 months ago, but they weren’t actually sure if restaurants would even be open then, but more importantly they hadn’t even met the love of their life at the moment in time, but if they don’t secure said table at said restaurant, this could just mark the end of that beautiful relationship!! Meanwhile some of us are running for the hills, or in my case a well heated cave, very alone with a good book and a box of chocolates carefully and lovingly selected by my good self with all my favourite flavours, well away from the love filled atmos of all restaurants, a safe distance from the rose sellers, the violinists and vastly inflated menus offering sub standard fare. But then I’m no Barbara Cartland, and romance is not really my thing.

Spread the Love

Spread the Love

What most definitely is a thing however, is showing how much we love the people in our lives that matter most to us. Our nearest and dearest, the one’s we carry a soft spot for, the one who leant you their lawn mower in lockdown, the one you shopped for when they couldn’t leave the house. Whether they be our mother or brother, auntie or uncle, niece or nephew, cat or dog, neighbour, bestie, budgie or chum, if you fancy spreading the love and don’t much go in for the romantic side of Valentines, then we’ve got you covered. If however you are an old romantic, good on you the world needs people like you, and your loved one will definitely appreciate gifts like these. Oh and lastly, it’s totally ok to swerve the whole thing and indulge yourself, after all, self love is also a very big and real thing. 

Spread the Love - Scribble & Daub

Spread the Love - Frama

Spread the Love - Saipua

So whether you're surprising your other half with a thoughtful keepsake, treating yourself or sending your friends a cupid-approved card, spread the love this Valentine's Day with our edit of heartfelt gifts.

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