Support Small on Black Friday

Support Small on Black Friday

As an independent representing independents, we'll be offering the same fair prices and great designs that we offer all year round, with free shipping to thank you for your support.

Written by Jenny Garcia

Black Friday

What’s it all about?

It’s origins date back to the 1960’s, but it truly became the consumer powerhouse we know it as today less than 10 years ago. It’s a tradition that started in the US and occurs on the day after Thanks Giving, taking it’s name from ledger books moving out of the red, into the black, as shoppers filled cash registers with their Holiday pay checks.

Despite it’s recent arrival in the UK, Black Friday has seen a mounting backlash, which you may think strange given we’re all out shopping at this time of year, most of us certainly enjoy a bargain, and definitely appreciate a discount or two, so why the disapproval?

Because it has spread, like a pernicious weed, infiltrating our retail landscape, leaving retailers with little choice but to discount like a demon or get buried in it’s wake.

A bit of a disaster for 3 main reasons. Firstly, if it looks too good to be true, it most probably is. The majority of what’s ‘on offer’, has been sourced and bought specifically for this black event, and tends therefore, to be a bargain in wolf’s clothing.
Secondly independents simply cannot compete with this level of discounting and so miss out on vital seasonal sales that keep them afloat for the rest of the year.
Lastly, much of what is purchased during this time is not needed or even wanted, rarely sustainable and often destined for landfill.

Support Small on Black Friday

So if you’re feeling moved by this and want to participate in a more engaging, rewarding, supportive and gratifying way of shopping, simply join the ‘shop small movement’ (it’s not an actual club or anything, you don’t need to sign up, it simply means support one of the 220,000 independent UK retailers across ‘Shop Small Saturday’, sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or any day frankly. I promise we’ll all be happy to see your lovely faces and hard earned pennies any day of the year.

Support Small On Black Friday

We stock over 40 Independent brands at Maze, being an independent ourselves we’re proud to support every single one. We’re always grateful to them and to you for choosing to be with us.

Support Small on Black Friday

As a thank you for your much appreciated loyalty this last year, we’d like to offer all our wonderful Maze friends and family free shipping from 26th - 29th on all UK orders over £30. If you’re a Maze regular, we also have a great loyalty scheme which allows us to give back to you. Ask in store or drop us a message and we’ll tell you all about it.

Support Small on Black Friday

Thank you for your support, from the Maze team.

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