The All Occasion Dress

It’s not possible, I hear you cry, there is no such dress that is suitable for all occasions, or is there?

Written by Jenny Garcia.

Well, I am rather pleased to report there is such a dress. Trust me when I say I do not make statements like this lightly. I’ve really thought about this dress, I’ve imagined it at event after event, I’ve styled it in my head, and I feel confident in saying that its scope of suitability is truly wide and varied. Here are just a few of the more obvious ones: work, dates, meetings, weddings, christenings, barbecues, birthday parties and family get-togethers.

Selected Femme Semina Dress


So why this dress, how does it pull off this rather fabulous feat? Firstly, it’s a midi dress which means it’s versatile and suits just about everyone. Being a midi means that footwear options are easy and changeable. Semina is just as happy teamed with boots as with trainers or heels.

The next detail to note is that its overarching colour is navy, again works with everything (including black) and is flattering to all skin tones. It's blessed with a pretty but bold punchy chartreuse floral that sings with all the attributes required for its multi occasions.

Next, we need to talk about the sleeves. The drama occurs at the cuff rather than the shoulder, so it’s easy to layer up with a blazer, knit or coat without creating that rather unsightly American footballer-style shoulder mountain. A simple round neckline with no fuss or pomp is flattering and kind to both a smaller and bigger bust, helped by the waist seam that creates definition and shape.

The last feature to note on this hero dress is an invisible one, but nonetheless an important one. It’s made from 85% Lenzing Ecovero viscose, which is a sustainable fabric base.

All that remains for me to do is share a few styling ideas and give thanks to Selected Femme for creating the Semina dress and the Maze team for buying it.

The All Occasion Dress - Jenny Garcia
The All Occassion Dress - Jenny Garcia - Outfit 2

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The All Occassion Dress - Jenny Garcia - Outfit 3

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I’ll just add one final noteworthy piece of information. If you’re really not a dress person or have enough dresses in your wardrobe, this glorious versatile print is also available in a midi skirt.

The All Occassion Dress - Jenny Garcia

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