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In the journal this week, we welcome Sunspel. A brand Maze has partnered with throughout the years. Sunspel delivers everyday luxury essentials, crafted from the world's highest-quality fabrics.

Written by Jenny Garcia.

Did you know that Maze has formed part of Clifton’s eclectic village scene for over 35 years? Now a long-established face within Bristol’s rich and vibrant city, a destination shop for discerning clothes lovers, who appreciate quality and invest in their style. The Maze team have, and continues to achieve all this, by partnering with brands that share these values.

For this edition of the journal, we wanted to shine a light on Sunspel, as we welcome the brand back into the Maze fold.

Sunspel Riveria T-Shirt

Sunspel has a rich British heritage dating back to 1860, creating some of the world's first T-Shirts, and is in fact now the only British brand making T-Shirts in their own UK factory.

Sunspel Riviera T-Shirt in Thyme Melange

Sunspel Riviera T-Shirt Thyme Melange

Sunspel Riviera T-Shirt in Bluestone

Sunspel Riviera T-Shirt Bluestone Melange

Sunspel Riviera T-Shirt in Burnt Sienna

Sunspel Riviera T-Shirt Burnt Sienna


If you’re not familiar with the name, you’ll definitely know of their infamous polo shirt, worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale - who could forget? Aside from the rich heritage, what makes a Sunspel jersey so covetable? Well, for anyone who has bought a T-Shirt and been wholly disappointed by its distorted wobbly appearance after just one wash, you can now consider that a thing of the past. Perhaps you’re fastidious about the cotton used in your jersey garments. Well, all your worries are over. Sunspel’s cotton qualities are sourced responsibly from long-term ethical and environmental partners. From this cotton, the brand has developed four different jersey qualities, each with its own unique texture and purpose.

Sunspel Riveria Polo in Navy

Sunspel is not about fashion or the next big thing, sure they are always developing, tweaking and updating, but only when they feel it is necessary and adds value. This is a brand that delivers everyday luxury in an understated but purposeful way. Using classic designs developed with the utmost consideration and attention to detail. Sunspel produces garments that are functional, durable and tactile, as well as aesthetically pleasing.
Sunspel Riviera Polo in Laurel
Sunspel Riviera Polo
Sunspel Riviera Polo in Burnt Orange  Sunspel Riviera Polo
 Burnt Sienna
Sunspel Riviera Polo in ThymeSunspel Riviera Polo


Have a look at the three key pieces we stock at Maze and decide for yourself, or better still pop in and try them on, we promise you will not be disappointed. But be warned, one colour may not be enough.

Sunspel Loopback Sweat

Sunspel Loopback Sweatshirt in Bluestone

Sunspel Loopback Sweatshirt Bluestone

Sunspel Loopback Sweatshirt in Shale Blue

Sunspel Loopback Sweatshirt Shale Blue

Sunspel Loopback Sweatshirt Thyme



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