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Breton Stripes


Did you know that the original breton striped shirt came with 21 stripes on it?

Me neither.

Each stripe functioned as a numerical totem that tallied Napoleon’s militant victories.

It was not until 1917, when Coco Chanel first introduced the hitherto work shirt (it had been created in the mid-1800s for members of the French Navy) to a collection for resort that the shirt made its first foray into the sartorial vernacular of fashion.

Then, of course, there came the Audrey Hepburns and Brigitte Bardots of the world, who brought it into everyday fashion.

If Alexa Chung, Audrey Tautou, Kate Moss, Edie Sedgwick, etc.  are an indication of anything when considering the horizontal slivers of navy, it is that the easy, achievable and accessible nature of the tees are exactly what make them seem so chic now.

The breton stripe is the easy go to outfit builder whether it be for a casual work day, Sunday morning stroll or a night out. Here at Maze we believe you can never have enough stripes. We like to have ever colourway and every variation of stripe at our disposal in the morning.

Our Breton top favourites:


M.i.h. Breton Top


Des Petits Hauts Gaston Top


Nice Things Stripe Top

£39 from £65

July 29, 2016 by Brigitta Munds
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