How To Scent Your Home

Written by Jenny Garcia

We are fully adept at sprucing our homes, creating a place we find aesthetically pleasing, but we often overlook the emotional impact of scent.

The origins of perfume have evolved over thousands of years, using evermore sophisticated methods. The most basic, but charming of which, still to this day, holds an endless fascination with children all over the world. A few garden petals squished into water, to create treasured gifts for parents, until they start to pong that is.

In the 1800’s Guerlain revolutionised the way perfume was made, focusing on evoking moods and reproducing atmospheres. He understood the importance and power of scent. It’s ability to conjure strong emotional reactions, such as those we get from freshly baked bread, a newborn baby, or a recently mown lawn. Redolent aromas strike with such force, instantly transporting us to another place in time. Something we at Maze feel is well worth infusing into your own environment.

So how should we scent our homes? It’s easy to overdo it, so keep it simple to create a harmonious atmosphere that plays to your senses rather than overloading them.

Placing Iris Hantverk’s Cedar Wood Balls in your wardrobe and drawers, is a wholly sustainable and pleasant way to ward off pesky moths and musty whiffs.

Iris Hantverk

Freshen up your clothes and shoes with Bergamot and Oak Mist from Steamery, which contains active bacteria culture, saves washing them for another day. We’re also big advocates of their Rose and Musk Delicate Laundry Detergent.


When it comes to candles, they’re best placed somewhere you can not only enjoy their aroma, but also the flickering light and allure of the burning wick.

The most regal (the only candle maker with the title of Royal Manufacture) and oldest, dating back to 1643, is Cire Trudon. Each and every candle is made by hand using age old traditions. They’re also big fans of the humble Bee, donating a percentage of all sales to their protection. With such majestic credentials, we’d suggest lighting yours with John Derian’s La Rose & Beauty matches, a worthy consort.

Cire Trudon

 Cire Trudon

If you’re feeling a little more playful, Bella Freud’s mood enhancing candles are really fun and make for great gifts.

Bella Freud

For a more accessible option, with a New York loft style feel, we at Maze are big fans of Terrible Twins, who’s candles come in reusable brown glass jars, the perfect pick me up.

Terrible Twins

Finally, we wanted to share a super simple and utterly stylish hack for your powder rooms, a naturally scented soap. They omit a continuous subtle bouquet, requiring no lighting or spritzing. Try Maze favourite, Saipua Bergamot Soap, not only for it’s nasty niff neutralising properties of Bergamot, but also it’s vibrant violet colour, guaranteed to liven up a small space. Saipua are a purposeful and creative brand with balance at their heart, another partner we are grateful to have on board with us at Maze.


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