The Place We Call Home

Written by Jenny Garcia

Our homes generally work hard for us, but this last year not only have they been our warmth, our constant, our shelter, our hub, they’ve also become the place we work, exercise, play, educate and bake, a lot!

As we now awake into Spring with the sun streaming through the windows and the weight of winter lifting, we’re keen to get ‘house ready’ and spruce up our much loved spaces that have been left feeling more than a little depleted having worked so hard for us this last year.

The Maze team have been busy reading, researching and sourcing pieces that will enhance your home both aesthetically and sustainably. This Spring we’re proud to introduce you to Swedish brand Iris Hantverk, who’s beautiful eco friendly brushes are made by visually impaired craftspeople, using traditional methods developed in the 19th century. Never has the humble dustpan and brush looked, and felt so good.

Iris Hantverk Brushes

Spring cleaning often involves a good old wardrobe tidy up, and something we’re all learning to do more is look after our much loved clothes in a way that is kinder both to the environment and the garments themselves. So before discarding old favourites why not try the nifty little tools made by Steamery, which will breath new life into your knits and delicates, keeping them fresh and bobble free.



When it comes to clutter and storage, we love nothing more than a good basket, the more the merrier as far as we’re concerned. Always pleasing on the eye, but functional too, adding texture and depth to our homes. A woven basket is a versatile thing, with a plethora of uses. Nkuku’s Medium Noko Seagrass basket is great for house plants or storage, whilst House Doctor’s Reve lidded basket is perfect for discreetly hiding away all those bits and bobs.

Nkuku Noko Baskets

Whilst friends and family may not be able to come inside our homes, they will soon be able to visit us in our gardens and outdoor spaces. We’re excited about serving up pitchers of homemade lemonade and fruit punches from the Re-found Fleur de Lys jug and matching tumblers. All the pretty colours will instantly spread joy amongst your thirsty guests.

Re-found Fleur De Lys Glassware

 …and lastly a gift…

Dear Home,

As a thank you for always being there, we’ve bought you something to adorn your walls, some everlasting Spring blooms in the form of Rachel Dein’s concrete tiles.

Love from us x

Rachel Dein

Rachel Dein

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