A Guide to Dressing for Autumn

We had the pleasure of welcoming resident writer and stylist Jenny Garcia to our Clifton store a few weeks ago. Jenny selected her favourite AW pieces and shared her tips for autumn styling and outfit building. 

Written by Jenny Garcia

When it comes to buying clothes, we’ve become pretty skilled at choosing pieces we like and can’t wait to wear. But, when it comes to putting outfits together things tend to get a little more toilsome. So, we merrily make our individual purchases, paying little attention to what these items might be worn with, and how they’ll be worked into our existing wardrobes. It’s enough of a challenge to find a clean, available fitting room and muster the energy to get all your clothes off and try these new pieces on, without having to recall your entire back catalogue of clothes and ponder whether these particular newly selected olive coloured trousers will go with that orange knit you got last winter. All whilst standing semi naked, either freezing or inexplicably searing hot as you realise you can’t get out of said trousers, due to one of those annoying, utterly impossible concealed zips, designed, surely with the sole purpose of entrapping you forever.

So for this edition of the journal we thought it would be jolly useful, and rather fun, to get me out from behind my pencil and notebook and into the Clifton store to pick my favourite pieces from the current AW collection, to show you how I’d style them.

A Guide to Dressing for Autumn - Stylist Jenny Garcia

The Maze team, being the incredible bunch of creatives they are, were able to shoot, art direct and model the outfits I selected and styled, which gave the whole shoot a wonderful natural feel that resonates very much with the spirit of Maze. Each of the individual pieces are interchangeable with one another, so endless permutations. Did you know you can make 30 outfits with just 5 items of clothing?

A Guide to Dressing for Autumn - Outfit 1

For outfit number one I was immediately drawn to the warm winter check of Sideline’s Teo Dress, I kept the outfit fairly neutral, just adding a subtle pop of chartreuse with the Indi & Cold Oversized Cardigan, a cosy Teddy Coat also from Indi & Cold , that’s fully reversible, a classic Kate Sheridan cross body Rhythm bag, and chunky Hudson Piper hikers to toughen everything up a little.

A Guide to Dressing for Autumn - Outfit 2

A Guide to Dressing for Autumn - Outfit 2 - Details

For outfit number two I went super casual, but kept a rich autumnal palette using contrasting textures of borg, wool, canvas, denim and leather. The warm Selected Femme Teddy Jacket brings out the intensity of the Bellerose Doser Knit in its deep ocean hue, whilst the Sessun Santi Jean in subtle blue vintage denim completes the outfit. The result is an easy to wear effortless combination that’s comfortable, relevant and seasonally appropriate. Just switch the Novesta high tops for boots as it gets colder or wetter.

A Guide to Dressing for Autumn - Outfit 3

A Guide to Dressing for Autumn - Outfit 3 - Details

A Guide to Dressing for Autumn - Outfit 3 - Details

For outfit 3, I played around with a tone on tone palette of putty, cement, and concrete, layering muted hints of rust and cinder. One fabric we all associate with the winter months is velvet. But it doesn’t have to mean party wear. The relaxed Bellerose Adil velvet top flows between smart and casual with ease. Teamed with these mensy Sessun Giulian tailored trousers for a more grown up take, or wear with jeans as an alternative to a regular sweat. The same goes for this vintage style single breasted Alvi Coat by Sessun, and well we know how versatile our favourite little Kate Sheridan cross body’s are. For this look I’d like to introduce you to the humble loafer. The Selected Femme Penny version is reassuringly chunky, with a traditional contrast top stitch. Trust me, try them out and you’ll soon be wearing them with everything!

A Guide to Dressing for Autumn - Outfit 4

A Guide to Dressing for Autumn - Outfit 4 - details

Did someone say party season? Well for that means one thing and one thing only, leopard print. If you’re a regular reader of the Maze Journal you’ll have heard me talking about wearing our pieces for longer and getting the most out of them, so for this last outfit I’ve selected the Lucas leopard midi by Lolly’s Laundry, it goes with everything, you can wear it everywhere, and it has pockets! I’ve gone for a preppy youthful vibe with the glittery socks and loafers, fluffy Bellerose Datair cardi and the Sessun Nu Nana Parker for a less serious take on it, but like I said, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

A Guide to Dressing for Autumn - Outfit 5 Details

A big thank you to the Maze team, especially Cat for kindly modelling all my outfit choices so beautifully, to Tayla for her stunning photography, Mollie for her constant positivity and technical wizardry, and Hannah for inviting me store side and making Maze such a sartorial destination.

Thank you, Jenny

Cat Smith - Store Manager & Buyer
Tayla Nebesky - Photographer
Mollie Pearson - Online Editor
Hannah - Director

Additional Items featured

Kate Sheridan Tote Bag in Red Square

Selected Femme Linna Mia Hat in Kalamata

Selected Femme Linna Mia Hat in Sandshell

Becksondergarrd Mincho Check Scarf in Spicy Mustard

Kate Sheridan Pop Rucksack in Chocolate

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Amazing, I just want to go and buy lots of things, especially the bright blue jumper with contrasting cuffs. I have a Maze jumper a couple of years old with similar contrasts but much more fluffy. I like the tidy look of the blue with the smart jeans, watch out Maze I’ll be heading your way soon.

Thank you

Sue Powell January 25, 2022

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