Kate Sheridan - A Bag For Life

When it comes to bags, Kate Sheridan sure knows her craft.

Written by Jenny Garcia.

“A Handbag !?” Oscar Wilde

An object that has great expectations bestowed upon it on a daily basis, a carrier of one’s life, a receptacle of worldly goods, the subject of much personality hypotheses, a physical extension of it’s owner, a workhorse.

With so many demands made upon them, a good bag is worth investing in, but also caring for. Sadly they often sit way down the priority list when it comes to de-cluttering and cleaning, and are nearly always over stuffed to the point of near explosion.

When it comes to bags, Kate Sheridan sure knows her craft. Kate has been designing and creating bags for nearly 20 years in her East London studio. The minimal yet practical stance, combined with quality British and European materials, and traditional craft methods, produces timeless, beautiful unassuming bags, suitable for modern daily life.

Kate Sheridan - A Bag For Life

The leathers are all vegetable tanned, the heritage waxed cottons & linens are produced in Dundee by Halley Stevenson, each bag is cut, stitched and finished by hand in Suffolk and London, making them a sustainable, considered long term investment piece.

Kate Sheridan - A Bag For Life

It is for all these reasons and more why we at Maze have been long term fans of the brand, stocking their totes, cross bodies, rucksacks and messenger bags season after season, year after year.

One of our favourite styles, The Rhythm bag, produced in that vegetable dyed leather, can be worn as a cross body, shoulder or clutch bag. Each one housing enough compartments to satisfy Marie Kondo herself. We're such fans of this clever little pochette, we're sharing it in 6 natural earthy tones.

Kate Sheridan - A Bag For Life - Rhythm Bags

Kate Sheridan - A Bag For Life - Rhythm Bags

These clever little bags partner perfectly with the brand’s classic totes for all those daily extras, water bottles, phones, laptops, sweaters and face masks. The totes are available in waxed cotton or linen, plus two different sizes that discreetly fold down at the corners to make them more compact. If like many of us, you pack all but the kitchen sink in your bag, then the Giga is the one for you.

Kate Sheridan - A Bag For Life - Midi Tote Bag in Linen

Kate Sheridan - A Bag For Life - Midi Tote Bags

For a hands free option, perfect for the cyclists among you, the Pop Rucksack is an obvious choice, with adjustable leather straps, all made in the same vegetable dyed leather that will naturally age to create a unique patina.

Kate Sheridan - A Bag For Life - Pop Rucksack

Due to the natural state of all these fabrics, caring for your Kate Sheridan bag is the best way to get the longest life out of it. The waxed cottons and linens are both wind and waterproof, but can be be wiped down with a sponge, allow heavy dirt to dry and brush off first though. They can be re-waxed as and when needed to prolong their life. Leather bags like to be kept fed and with leather food every now and again.

Kate Sheridan - A Bag For Life

Now, please do tell me, what does your bag say about you?

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