The Knitwear Checklist

Whilst we’re all extremely grateful for that last hurrah of warm summer sun, the opportunity to get excited about, and enveloped in, cosy knits is definitely one to embrace.

Written by Jenny Garcia.

Nothing quite says Autumn Winter like the familiar comfort of layering on that first piece of knitwear, and AW21 does not disappoint with it’s proffering’s of textural delectations. But before we get entwined in this seasons collection of intensely rich yarns, luxurious textures and arboretum of Autumnal hues, a few nerdy knit facts to get us in the mood.

 Sessun Americana Knit

Knitwear is measured in gauges from fine to chunky, the higher the number the finer the knit. The opposite in fact of corduroy, which is measured in Wales, where the higher the number the chunkier the cord, but we’ll leave that for another day.

Woollen knitwear has many wonderful properties, being a natural fibre, it’s therefore breathable and sustainable. That also means less washing too, simply hang, or even better fold your knits and return them to your wardrobe. If however you want to give them the 5 star treatment, follow these simple steps:

1. After wear, hang and steam - either with a hand held steamer or simply hang in the bathroom whilst you shower

2. Once dry fold your woollens and store them in natural fabric garment bags in your wardrobe

3. For lightweight knits that you want to store hanging, use proper knitwear hangers to avoid them growing

4. Invest in a defuzzer to get rid of pilling (bobbles) and/or a cashmere brush to remove fuzz, lint and dust. Brushing also helps release the wools natural oils that help to rejuvenate

5. Wash as little as possible

6. If storing long term, follow wash care instructions, then freeze in a bag in your freezer, and store away in air tight containers to prevent those pesky moths munching on your favourite winter layers

Indi & Cold Oversized Cardigan in Ecru

When it comes to what we want from our knitted garments, we’re all different. Some of us love a 100% natural wool sweater, whilst some of us opt for a mix of natural and synthetic fibres. Whichever your preference, we at Maze have got you covered.

Sessun’s 100% merino wool Massa knit, is the perfect minimal layering choice, available in black/gold or navy/amber.

Sessun Massa Knit in Navy & Amber

Sessun Massa Knit in Black

YMC Jets crew in 100% lambswool is ultra soft, and made in Scotland. That’s the weekend knit sorted.

YMC Jets Crew in White

Bellerose have come up trumps with their Gopear stripe jumper in 80% cotton, 20% wool. Perfect for milder Autumn days, and those who prefer less wool, but still want an all natural option.

Bellerose Gopear Stripe Knit

Also from Bellerose, you’ll see the return of the Angora mix Datti. Available in solid colours, but also this sanguine leopard which features on all our winter wish lists.

 Bellerose Datti Knits

The humble cardigan has had a resurgence in recent seasons. We’re glad of it’s ever increasing popularity because they happen to be an integral part of our wardrobes, easy to layer on and off. Indi & Cold’s lofty alpaca mix cardi in olive or ecru is beautiful layered over those summer midi dresses. Selected Femme have done themselves proud with their Kaya cardi, also a wool mix, but the polyester in this one is recycled. Sorry chaps but if you’re opting for Universal works smarter take on the cardigan (wool fleece cardigan) you might find it regularly borrowed from your wardrobe!

Indi & Cold Oversized Cardigan in Olive

Selected Femme Kaya Cardigans

Universal Works Wool Fleece Cardigan

Whether you’re lusting after an animal print, have a ponchant for a Fair Isle, or a craving for a cardigan, knitwear season is officially open, and we couldn’t be happier.

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